Technology of heat and a chemical-heat treatment of metals

We are ready to answer your questions in the field of heat and chemical-heat treatment of metals and hardening practice, to choose with you suitable equipment for heat treatment shop - furnaces, controllers and control systems and other equipment. On request we perform material expertise. We are ready to advise you on issues of AMS 2750E or CQI-9 standards.

Our accredited laboratory of temperature and oxygen probes is at your disposal for the selection of a suitable thermocouple and will provide you with all services connected with the calibration of the sensor or the whole chain, including the controller and the temperature recorder.

We will also be happy to answer your questions in the field of electron beam welding and vacuum technology. For any information from our field, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

  • Annealing, soldering, hardening, tempering
  • Nitriding and nitocarburising
  • Carburising and carbonitriding
  • Proposals of technological arrangement
  • Turnkey deliveries
  • Training of technologists
  • Expertise and assessment of heat treatment
  • Development work

The properties of steels depend not only on the chemical composition, but especially on their structure (phase composition, shape and arrangement of individual phases). The heat treatment makes it possible to achieve the desired structure for steels of a given chemical composition. Heat treatment refers to processes in which the internal structure of a metal changes with changes in temperature. The change in the internal structure of the metal causes different mechanical properties after heat treatment. We will be happy to help you in the form of certified training and consultations with knowledge of these processes.

Equipment for electron beam heat treatment

Oxygen probe Ecosond on a shaft carburising furnace


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