Special quenching oils

Development of the Durixol series at Burgdorf

High-performance quenching oils of the new generation (7200, 4000, 3500, 5500, 2500). The development leads analogously from all high-performance quenching oils towards a similar hardening curve and viscosity, but allows a higher thermal load and a higher flash point. We are ready to answer any technical questions. Relevant documents are available on request from the contacts below.

Durixol V35C

Quenching oil with high cooling capacity, especially suitable for hardening low-alloy and carbon steels of small and medium cross-sections. It is a hardening oil with minimal evaporation and very low viscosity, and therefore very good washability of parts after hardening.

Technický list Durixol V35C


High-performance hardening oil with high evaporation resistance. This quenching oil is primarily intended for quenching goods arranged in batches in open and closed heat treatment plants, such as multi-purpose furnaces, continuous carburising furnaces, bell type furnaces or horizontal retort furnaces. When used correctly, it offers a virtually unlimited lifetime. It has a low viscosity, which guarantees good washability of the goods and a low oil yield from the hardening tank.

Technický list DURIXOL W72

Durixol W25

Additive quenching oil with high evaporation resistance intended for hardening of charges in furnaces with and without a protective atmosphere. Due to its cooling effect causing only small distortion, this quenching oil has also proved successful in hardening distortion-sensitive tools. The oil has a practically unlimited service life when used correctly.

Technický list DURIXOL W25

Durixol W71HC

Special semi-synthetic oil with high evaporation resistance. Suitable for hardening with the highest demands on distortion and surface quality.

Technický list Durixol W71HC

Durixol A650A

Quenchicng and tempering oil for operating temperatures up to 250 ° C (only for furnaces with protective atmosphere).

Technický list Durixol A650A

Durixol H444/H222

Quenching oils for vacuum furnaces with different graduated cooling capacity suitable for all types of vacuum furnaces. Durixol H222 is a fast hardening vacuum oil for closed systems with integrated quenching baths. It is characterized by high resistance to evaporation, degasses very well and provides very clean surfaces in closed furnaces.

The low evaporation meets the requirements for quenching in closed vacuum furnaces, in which the quenching bath is built into the vacuum part of the furnace and the oil is exposed to the low pressure of the furnace chamber. Degassing of DURIXOL H444 and DURIXOL H222 oils is much easier than with higher viscosity oils.

Technický list Durixol H444 Technický list Durixol H222

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