Quenching polymers

Serviscol 98SK-F1

Synthetic additive for water quenching bath based on polymers suitable for induction and volume hardening. The hardening ability is in between the quenching oil and water, depending on the selected concentration. The main areas of application are induction hardening and volume hardening of low-alloy and non-alloy steels. Ecologically very suitable product.

Technický list Serviscol 98SK-F1

Polyquench 500DSK-F1

Quenching medium based on polymer with mild cooling capacity for surface and volume hardening.

Technický list Polyquench 500DSK-F1

Polyquench VP85KB-F1

POLYQUENCH VP85KB is a quenching agent based on a polymer of the "PVP" type. It was developed as a direct alternative to oil quenching. It is especially suitable for cooling from the forming temperature and as a replacement for oil baths. At a concentration of 12 - 15%, it causes the same hardness and similar distortion as high-performance quenching oil. It can be successfully used for both hardening of tools and forgings. The product is non-flammable and soluble in water.

Technický list Polyquench VP85KB-F1

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