Quenching media

The company ECOSOND s.r.o. represents in the Czech Republic and Slovakia the producer of quenching media BURGDORF GmbH & Co.KG, which was founded in 1949 and together with OSMIROL GmbH and NÜSSLE GmbH & Co.KG forms a very active and internationally recognized consortium that produces high quality products for heat treatment of metals. The company's high-tech products are successfully used worldwide in the largest hardening shops of car manufacturers, trucks, tractors, gearboxes, tools, but also in many hardening job shops.

For the supply of these special quenching agents, we also offer a service including:

  • Consultations regarding the suitability of the quenching agent for your technology with regard to the hardenability of steels and the risk of excessive deformations
  • Consultations on the suitability of quenching polymers
  • Assistance in solving current problems in the process of heat or chemical-heat treatment
  • Qualified testing of quenching agent to ensure quality (cooling curve, amount of water in hardening oil, density, mechanical impurities etc.)
  • For the supply of quenching medium, it is a matter of course for us to assess the hardening technology in terms of the quality of the material, the shape of the part and its cross-section.

We will provide a design of the hardening bath, including determination of size, method of swirling, sufficient cooling, measures to achieve the highest possible lifetime of the bath and ensure its easy maintenance, including production documentation. We will provide a project for the technological part of the workplace (pipelines, electrical wiring), including the technological layout and implementation documentation. After our complete delivery, we provide our customers with a service in the form of laboratory tests of the quenching medium, advice on technological or other hardening problems.

Example of volume hardening into polymer Polyquench VP85KB 

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