Tempering furnaces

We supply retort and non-retort tempering furnaces with direct heating. Heating in a modern vacuum furnace takes place by convection and radiation. Convection heating in the lower temperature range ensures fast and even heating of the charge in the heating chamber. Heating with dwell also allows the temperature at the surface and in the core of the component to equalize. The surfaces remain bright when treated in a vacuum furnace.

Furnaces with direct heating (B.M.I., Schmetz)

  • Without surface oxidation and decarburization
  • Direct heating in N2 / Ar atmosphere
  • Low power and media consumption
  • Rapid cooling
  • Possibility of nitriding / nitrocarburising
  • Temperature measurement directly in the batch
Furnaces with direct heating

Retort furnaces (IVA)

  • Without surface oxidation and decarburization
  • Electric / gas heating
  • Retort heating
  • Direct / indirect cooling
  • Possibility of controlled nitriding / nitrocarburising
Retort furnaces

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