Sintering furnaces

The sintering process takes place at very high temperatures up to 1450 ° C. For these processes, we offer both BMI or Schmetz vacuum chamber furnaces and Mahler continuous furnaces.

Vacuum furnaces (B.M.I., Schmetz)

  • Without surface oxidation and decarburization
  • Horizontal and vertical vacuum furnaces
  • Heating chamber made of graphite or all-metal insulation
  • High and fine vacuum
  • Temperature up to 1450 °C
  • Temperature measurement directly in the batch
  • High accuracy and reproducibility of measurements
  • Process documentation and data archiving
Vacuum furnaces

Furnaces with controlled atmosphere (Mahler)

  • Continuous furnaces
  • Atmosphere type Exo, N2 and H2
  • Quality conveyor belts / rollers
  • Sintering up to 1300 °C
  • Excellent temperature distribution
  • Low service costs
  • Documentation of the program and data archiving
Furnaces with controlled atmosphere

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