Furnaces for hardening

Hardening processes take place in a vacuum or under a controlled or protective atmosphere, which prevents scaling or decarburization of the surface of the processed parts. Vacuum hardening can be performed by overpressure gas quenching (eg nitrogen, argon) or in a special quenching oil, resulting in very clean surfaces and minimal deformation. Hardening under a protective atmosphere slows down the oxidative aging of the hardening oil, thus prolonging its service life and reducing its maintenance costs.

Vacuum furnaces (B.M.I., Schmetz)

  • Without surface oxidation and decarburization
  • Horizontal / vertical furnaces
  • N2 / Ar gas overpressure hardening
  • Oil quenching
  • Quenching in oil / gas in one furnace
  • High / fine vacuum
  • Cooling direction change * 2R *
  • Controlled cooling
  • Graphite / metal insulation
  • Temperature measurement directly in the batch
Vacuum furnaces

Furnaces with controlled atmosphere (Mahler, IVA)

  • Without surface oxidation and decarburization
  • Multi-purpose / shaft / carousel furnaces
  • Continuous furnaces
  • Electric / gas heating
  • Hardening and chemical-heat treatment
  • Hardening in oil / water / polymer quenchant
Furnaces with controlled atmosphere

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