Carburising / carbonitriding furnaces

ALLCARB © low pressure carburising vacuum furnaces from B.M.I. offers perfect homogeneity of the carburizing atmosphere in the batch, expected metallurgical results without tests, carburization of holes with a small diameter and better control of the C content in the layer.

The carburising process under controlled atmosphere furnaces is controlled by means of an oxygen or lambda probe, which maintains the values of carbon potential - Cp at the selected level and thus prevents supersaturation of the emerging layer and / or insufficient layer formation and thus increase the economics of chemical-heat treatment.


Vacuum furnaces (B.M.I.)

  • Without surface oxidation and decarburization
  • Vacuum carburising
  • Horizontal / vertical furnaces
  • N2 / Ar gas overpressure hardening
  • Oil quenching
  • Quenching in oil / gas in one furnace
  • Temperature measurement directly in the batch
Vacuum furnaces

Furnaces with controlled atmosphere (Mahler, IVA)

  • Without surface oxidation and decarburization
  • Multi-purpose / shaft / carousel furnaces
  • Continuous furnaces
  • Electric / gas heating
  • Hardening and chemical-heat treatment
  • Hardening in oil / water / polymer quenchant
Furnaces with controlled atmosphere

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