Annealing furnaces

The process of vacuum annealing in our equipment takes place without decarburization, there is no oxidation of components, surfaces remain shiny, the temperature course is defined and controlled by load thermocouples, complete documentation of temperature trends over time, the process is completely automatic, high temperature uniformity with minimum deformation of components.

Vacuum furnaces (B.M.I., Schmetz)

  • Without surface oxidation and decarburization
  • Horizontal and vertical vacuum furnaces
  • Heating chamber made of graphite or all-metal insulation
  • High and fine vacuum
  • Temperature measurement directly in the batch
  • High accuracy and reproducibility of measurements
  • Process documentation and data archiving
Vacuum furnaces

Furnaces with controlled atmosphere (Mahler, IVA)

  • Soldering of carbon and stainless steels
  • Chamber and continuous furnaces
  • Atmosphere type Exo, N2 and H2
  • Quality conveyor belts
  • Excellent temperature distribution
  • Documentation of the program and data archiving
Furnaces with controlled atmosphere

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