We offer the supply of new thermocouples. In addition to the standard range of thermocouples listed in the offer sheets, we also supply special specifications of thermocouples with special specifications upon customer request. We offer thermocouples in diameters from 0.15 mm to 8.00 mm. We approach each order individually, so the thermocouple length and diameter are selectable by the customer. According to the selected diameter, we can produce single, double and triple thermocouples. Offered types of thermocouples are: K, N, J, L, T, S, B, C. For sheated thermocouples up to 850 °C we use material W.-Nr.1.4541, for temperatures up to 1300 ° C we use Inconel® W.-Nr. 2.4816. For special applications we use as a coting material for example, Platinum, Nicromil, Nicrobel, Nimonic 75 and many others.

  • design and delivery of suitable thermocouples for your application according to temperature ranges, environment and required measurement accuracy
  • sheathed thermocouples, Pt100 resistance sensors, thermocouples with protective tube
  • supply of suitable compensation lead
  • installation into existing facilities
  • design of temperature sensing systems for new technologies
  • for vacuum technology we supply control thermocouples in a vacuum-tight protective tube for better stabilization of heating control
  • we calibrate the thermocouples either in our calibration laboratory Ecosond or directly at the user


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