Software for heat treatment processes

We provide comprehensive control of furnace atmospheres of heat treatment and chemical-heat treatment processes by control technology. In addition to controllers and sensors, the product range includes software for comprehensive documentation of the heat treatment process. There is a Control Web based on-site software and direct control of technological processes using PCs and environment-friendly units. The STANGE 600 Series are a freely configurable 32-bit processor-based controllers with display unit. They can control all heat treatment processes. They are equipped with logic with Siemens S7 PLC. Devices 702, 607, 609 have a touch screen with full visualization.

  • ECS 2000 software for archiving, PC control and data visualization for work with STANGE controllers.
  • Software for control, visualization and complete documentation of the heat treatment process according to ISO 9000 standards.

In cooperation with the customer, systems can be developed from relatively inexpensive configurations with direct process control via PC and interface contact units (without separate controllers) to demanding and robust programmable controller systems. Systems based on CONTROL WEB and CITEC are available.

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