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ECOSOND s.r.o. is a manufacturer of oxygen probes that are used to control carburizing atmospheres. Compared to the classical methods of controlling the carbon level of the atmosphere, e.g. by carbon dioxide analysis or dew point analysis, the oxygen probe method has a number of advantages, such as a wide range of applications, a fast oxygen probe response compared to a CO2 analyzer, higher accuracy of carbon level determination, ease of operation and lower acquisition costs compared to infra-analyzers.

There is a need for regular maintenance and calibration without which the oxygen probe does not need to provide accurate furnace atmosphere information. The experience of hardening plant operations is such that oxygen probes are already standard for carburizing process control.

The Ecosond oxygen probe design allows all non-functional consumables to be replaced quickly and easily.

Ecosond oxygen probes use

  • proven high temperature bonded sensors used worldwide
  • proven construction in operation very stable and tight
  • high-grade, high-chromium-resistant heat-resistant steels.
  • design with / without thermocouple 0.35 mm diameter
  • diameters 26.9 and 22.0 mm
  • lengths of 500, 650, 750, 850, 1000 and 1200 mm or others after consultation
  • various types of connectors and adapters for instant probe replacement
  • all parts easily replaceable
  • short delivery times, warehouses in Prague and Bratislava

Our company provides a complete service of probes consisting of providing a probe for the time of repair, self-cleaning or repair of the probe and subsequent calibration in an accredited laboratory. We are able to calibrate whole temperature chains and oxygen probes accredited. We provide all service not only for our own types of probes, but also for probes of other types used in facilities for chemical-heat treatment of metals.

Oxygen probe

Location of the oxygen probe in the shaft carburising furnace



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