Stange Elektronik GmbH is a manufacturer of freely configurable processor-based controllers with a high-contrast display unit. The advantages are quick configuration, practical and easy operation. Stange devices are designed to control all heat treatment processes.

In addition to industrial controllers, Stange also supplies software and sensors for heat treatment. The ECS 2000 program is a visualization software for data recording and their subsequent processing. It also allows process control from a remote PC. In addition to Stange, it also supplies other software for carburising and nitriding processes, such as a simulation program for carburising processes and a program for calculating the nitriding number or properties of the compound layer in nitriding / nitrocarburising processes.


Advantages of Stange devices:

  • requalizers for heat treatment
  • service in the Czech Republic
  • easy to use
  • software for process visualization and remote management
  • simulation of carburising processes
  • module for calculating the nitriding number
  • module for compound layer calculation

Success in the heat treatment of metals is not only guaranteed by the process temperature, but also by the composition of the furnace atmosphere. To obtain the information necessary to select a suitable process, Stange Elektronik GmbH offers a range of sensors for automating processes in heat treatment.

Sensors Stange:

  • H2 hdyrogen sensor to define the nitriding / nitrocarburising atmosphere
  • O2 oxygen sensor for leak detection and for monitoring of vacuum processes
  • Portable gas analyzer for analysis and measurement of carburising atmospheres

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