SCHMETZ GmbH (now IVA Schmetz GmbH) manufactures vacuum furnaces of the highest quality for vacuum hardening, tempering, soldering and sintering. Customers include, for example, 19 global aircraft manufacturers (ROLLS ROYCE, SNECMA, ALSTOM, VOLVO AERO). Furnaces are manufactured as horizontal, vertical or bell type with the possibility of convection heating and hardening with pressurized gas in two or four directions - systems * 2R * and * 2x2R *. SCHMETZ GmbH has a unique world patent in the * COOL PLUS * system, which enables the process of freezing with liquid nitrogen N2 directly in the heating chamber immediately after hardening. This is followed by the necessary tempering. The advantages of vacuum heat treatment are the following: no decarburization, small deformations, no oxidation of processed parts, the result is shiny surfaces, control of heat treatment by batch thermocouples, reproducibility of results, full automation of processes.

Products of company Schmetz:

  • vacuum furnaces with hardening in high pressure gas
  • vacuum tempering furnaces
  • vacuum furnaces for soldering, annealing, sintering
  • temperature up to 1600 ° C
  • graphite and all-metal heating chamber
  • salt bath simulation
  • programmable cooling
  • possibility to choose the direction of cooling
  • square and round design of the heating chamber
  • load thermocouple control


Brand representation: