We have long-term cooperation in our market with NÜSSLE GmbH & Co. KG. The production program includes protective coatings against carburising, nitriding and oxidation. Steel parts processed by chemical-heat treatment technologies, eg carburising, low pressure carburising, ionic low pressure or gas nitriding, need to be locally protected against these processes in many cases. Protection is required in places where an increase in hardness or saturation is undesirable with regard to subsequent technological operations such as drilling, traction, laser or electron beam welding.
For more than 50 years, protective coatings have been used successfully to protect against the transfer of carbon and nitrogen. The coatings form a gas-tight layer on the surface of the part, preventing the reaction gases from penetrating the surface of the material. Similar coatings are used to protect components against decarburization, oxidation and scale formation during heat treatment. For all mentioned types of chemical-heat treatment, appropriate coatings are available against the penetration of the diffusing substance into the core of the material.

Coatings must be selected with regard to the technology, method of application, durability and method of removal. In the production program of NÜSSLE GmbH & Co. KG has a sufficient range of coatings available, which enables sufficient optimization of the choice of coating according to the customer's needs. The development of coatings aims at their higher efficiency and hygienic safety according to the latest international standards. Protective coatings provide sufficient protection against chemical-heat treatment when used correctly, which has been tested in practice for years.

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