Mahler GmbH manufactures continuous controlled atmosphere furnaces for bright soldering, annealing, hardening, tempering and annealing of magnetic materials. Mahler manufactures and develops equipment with the lowest possible energy and gas consumption. Furnaces are electrically or gas heated in the design without internal retort for heat treatment of machine parts made of low-carbon steels or copper or in the design with internal retort in the heating zone suitable for heat treatment of machine parts made of stainless steel, tool steels or copper alloys.

The company has special know-how in the field of controlled atmospheres with hydrogen H2. Another specialty of MAHLER GmbH is sintering furnaces with fast dewaxing and significant energy savings.



Products of Mahler:

  • continuous belt and roller furnaces
  • continuous soldering furnaces
  • continuous stintering furnaces
  • průběžné žíhací pece
  • ENDO and EXO atmosphere
  • controlled atmosphere with hydrogen H2



Brand representation: