IVA Schmetz GmbH (formerly IVA Industrieöfen GmbH) manufactures industrial furnaces for the heat treatment and chemical-heat treatment of steel and non-ferrous metal parts. Furnace devices are suitable for all types of heat / chemical-heat treatment both with or without the use of a protective atmosphere, with various gas or electric heating methods, with batch operation, or as continuous, manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation.

Furthermore, all necessary additional units are supplied, such as storage and transport tracks, washing machines, hardening presses, systems for measuring and regulating C-potential, control and process technology. The company has worldwide operations - plants in the USA, France, Brazil, China and Germany.

Among other things, IVA offers complete control of the atmosphere during nitriding, depending on the current KN nitriding number. With the help of such a controlled atmosphere, almost any composition of the nitriding layer can be formed. Controlled pre-oxidation or subsequent oxidation is also a matter of course

Products of IVA Schmetz:

  • multipurpose furnaces for carburising and oil quenching
  • schaft furnaces with carburising or nitriding
  • chamber furnaces with carburuising or nitriding
  • evacuable retort furnaces
  • carousel furnaces
  • elektrical / gas heating

Brand representation: