Pro-beam are specialists for professional solutions for welding, perforating, surface hardening and other innovative techniques using the electron beam

Electron beam technology makes it possible to carry out innovative thermal techniques for joining materials, perforating as well as surface treatment methods. The main advantages of using an electron beam are reliable control of all process parameters, including the movement of the electron beam relative to the part. Materials sensitive to oxidation, hydrogen embrittlement or carbide formation can be processed by means of an electron beam, and various materials with minimal distortion can be combined. Alternative joining of different materials and their new design can significantly reduce the cost of producing complex parts.

The electron beam welding technique is very reliable in the production of deep but narrow and parallel welds. Angular distortion, axial shrinkage and other side effects are minimal, especially when welding sensitive parts. The potential area of application lies between the welding of ultra-thin films and the joining of parts by welding to a depth of 200 mm. The electron beam also handles the complex design of components, and is therefore used in various industries such as: aerospace, space research, healthcare, rail transport, and for large productions also in the automotive and electrical engineering industries.

The advantages of using the electron beam in welding are mainly:

  • narrow welds with minimal distortion
  • wide range of materials that can be welded thanks to the electron beam technology
  • productivity due to very high welding speeds
  • all process parameters are electrical in nature and therefore can be easily measured, controlled and monitored
  • possibility to change the design and thus reduce the production costs
  • no additional material is needed
  • easy weld preparation

Electron beam perforation technology is especially economical whenever a large number of small diameter holes need to be made. The advantage of the electron beam is always shown where conventional methods hit their limits or become extremely slow. Depending on the diameter, the electron beam can produce 10-30.000 holes / 1 sec while maintaining extraordinary accuracy of the hole diameter. Various hole geometries and shapes can be produced, from cylindrical to conical, including oblique angles to the surface with a depth / diameter ratio of up to 20:1.

Electron beam heat treatment can affect the structure and certain properties of the material in the surface layer of metallic materials. With the help of an electron beam, we can significantly increase the abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of the surface layer. All heat treatment processes are very short and the results are always reproducible thanks to high accuracy.

Diadur® coating protects tools and parts and increases their abrasion resistance. Diadur® has diamond-like properties, ie high microhardness, exceptional abrasion resistance and an extremely low coefficient of sliding friction. The chemical nature of diadur® excellently protects parts against corrosion. On tools, diadur® coatings reduce the tendency of plastics to stick. In conjunction with aluminum materials, the problem of cold welding is also eliminated. The coatings are formed on the surface of the tools by the deposition of amorphous carbon from the gas phase. Typical coatings then have a thickness of 1-4 µm and can be applied to both metallic and ceramic materials. The required process temperature is lower than 150 ° C and therefore the properties of the base material (hardness and distortion) are not affected.

The pro-beam company offers all technical possibilities, applications and development in heat treatment using an electron beam. Electron beam technology, electron beam deflection technology, hardening and combined electron beam processing - required heat treatment of surface layers, liquid phase curing, electron beam cutting and welding, industrial equipment and applications.


Know-how of pro-beam

  • more than 30 years of experience
  • highest productivity with world class machines
  • high volume chambers for technologies using an electron beam, size of the chamber up to 7x7x14 m
  • the largest electron beam drilling machine in the world
  • treatment of various materials, welding of steel and non-ferrous materials
  • custom production and treatment
  • service and advice

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