Fours Industriels B.M.I. develops and produces a wide range of vacuum equipment for heat treatment of metals. These devices are suitable for both conventional heat treatment and low-pressure and plasma chemical-heat treatment processes.

Due to a long tradition and constant development, BMI's customers include many world-famous manufacturers of automotive and aircraft technology, as well as owners of heat treatment shopss, who especially appreciate the high quality of workmanship, reliability and low operating costs for BMI furnaces. The manufacturer's specialty B.M.I. is the production of two-chamber vacuum furnaces with hardening in quenching oil or in high-pressure gas. Cold chamber hardening then allows hardening of a wide range of steels and cross-sections where a single-chamber device is not sufficient.

Low pressure nitriding or nitrocarburising processes take place in B.M.I. at temperatures of 400-600 ° C and the gaseous atmosphere is composed of NH3, N2, N2O or CO2. The advantages of this heat treatment process include the choice of layer composition, faster process kinetics, compact compound layer, low gas consumption, surface cleanliness of processed parts without oxidation layer, process ecology.

Products of company:

  • vacuum furnaces with high pressure gas quenching or oil quenching
  • vacuum furnaces with oil quenching in vacuum oil
  • vacuum tempering furnaces
  • vacuum soldering and annealing furnaces
  • vacuum low pressure carburising furnaces ALLCARB©
  • vacuum low pressure nitriding furnaces ALLNIT©
  • vacuum furnaces for plasma nitriding

Brand representation: